MMA Gaming – Data-Driven Investments Into Play-to-Earn

mma gaming

With MMA Gaming, take advantage of the rising popularity of the Metaverse and GameFi just by holding. Introducing MMA Gaming Metaverse Mining Alliance (MMA) Gaming is a Solana-built GameFi investment project. The team behind the project has stated that their focus is to be at the forefront of the transition into Web3, specifically in making […]

MonkeyLeague Kicks Off Boot Camp Week

monkey league bootcamp 2

It is expected that the Solana PlayToEarn blockchain project will release a series of posts that will describe various elements that make up the MonkeyLeague metaverse. Get Ready for Boot Camp Monkey League has started the publication of content that is related to the PlayToEarn project’s event dubbed “Boot Camp Week”. Articles on explanations that […]

Tiny Colony Concludes its Tiny Land Sale

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Solana’s pixelated construction management simulation PlayToEarn blockchain game opted to burn any unsold land from their recently concluded land sale. Tiny Land Sale Tiny Colony, a PlayToEarn blockchain construction management simulation project on Solana, recently finished their Tiny Land Sale. Tiny Colony plans to burn all colony land plots that were left unsold. The project’s Twitter account […]