MonkeyLeague Kicks Off Boot Camp Week

monkey league bootcamp 2

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It is expected that the Solana PlayToEarn blockchain project will release a series of posts that will describe various elements that make up the MonkeyLeague metaverse.

Get Ready for Boot Camp

Monkey League has started the publication of content that is related to the PlayToEarn project’s event dubbed “Boot Camp Week”.

Articles on explanations that aim to educate the public about the various dimensions of the metaverse Solana PlayToEarn project, MonkeyLeague. The official Twitter account of the project started the celebrations by tweeting an overview of the game on the 14th of February.

“MonkeyFans It’s been an exciting few months for the MonkeyTrain and we’ve covered a lot including announcements and spotlights on our backers and partners, to posts on a variety of features and topics as well as the NFT token launch and tokens,” Monkey League said in an medium-sized post. “We are aware that there was lots of information shared, therefore, that with our beginning of the first MonkeyLeague program, Pioneers Gear-Up Camp, nearing its end It’s the perfect time to go over a quick overview into all the key components in MonkeyLeague and bring the entire MonkeyTrain to the same level.

It is believed that the Boot Camp campaign is a fantastic method to ensure that everyone is on the same wavelength regards to information on MonkeyLeague. At the time of writing, there have been two articles about this Boot Camp Week released by MonkeyLeague. The first article is a general overview that outlines the various aspects of the game. The second is focused on the primary token in their metaverse: MonkeyBucks ($MBS).

The first issue discusses the game’s general rules of MonkeyLeague such as the different stats to be aware of as well as the roles that each monkey plays and the layout of the game’s loop. The team also discusses the way a match could play like, the game mechanics which govern every match, as well as the various game modes that are that are available. Breeding is also one of the topics that is covered in the overall overview of the game. There are more details on the first issue on their Medium post.

The issue 2 released for the MonkeyLeague’s Boot Camp focuses on MonkeyBucks and the economics of MonkeyLeague. The article explained the way in which the economy works by way of a value flow from their $MBS token across various stakeholder. The article also addressed the benefits of the $MBS token that includes the staking of reward points, purchasing in-game and creating new animals. There are more details on the second issue going to their Medium post.

Two topics have been released Two topics have been released, the MonkeyLeague team has five topics to be addressed. Third day Boot Camp will be focused on NFTs. Day four will focus on the store in the game, while day five provide more information about breeding. The group will be the main focus for the 6th day in Boot Camp. Also, there will be an Boot Camp MonkeyHall AMA on the sixth day.

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