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With MMA Gaming, take advantage of the rising popularity of the Metaverse and GameFi just by holding.

Introducing MMA Gaming

Metaverse Mining Alliance (MMA) Gaming is a Solana-built GameFi investment project. The team behind the project has stated that their focus is to be at the forefront of the transition into Web3, specifically in making digital wealth have fungible value. 

The project is essentially a ‘Super Guild’ that manages pools of players and assets to earn yields in play-to-earn worlds, according to their whitepaper. The games the Super Guild plays are chain-agnostic and are not limited to Solana GameFi platforms. They utilize these pools to fund their platform functions, including making seed investments into new Metaverse games, building optimization tools for their products, and striking new partnerships. The team currently has over 1,000 scholars who earn a stable income through MMA Gaming’s investments into GameFi platforms. They also manage over $15M in assets, an impressive amount for a team still relatively underground in the industry. 

The Background of MMA Gaming

The team started as a group of ‘Axies’ – a gaming team on GameFi OG project Axie Infinity. They have stated that their experience as Axies has given them unique skill sets that have benefitted the development of MMA Gaming. 


Beyond their experience as Axies, the team also has experience working in hedge fund management, chip designing, investment banking, and data science for professional football teams according to their whitepaper. This also includes over 50 combined years in TradeFi experience. Nearly half of the team is fully doxxed, and they have stated plans to expand their team once their token launch is complete.

How MMA Gaming Works

The platform is based on three core operations according to their whitepaper – Gaming Operations, Treasury Services, and Research and Development. All three functions have a symbiotic relationship, each working in turn to support and drive the others. 

Source: A diagram explaining how each function works in sync with the others.

The function of Gaming Operations is simple – this is where the games are actually played. Utilizing the investment data and strategies from R&D and the provided assets from the Treasury, scholars play in play-to-earn games to earn yields for the guild. In R&D, MMA Gaming works with data provided by the gamers to analyze market capitalization opportunities. This information is then used by the Treasury to invest capital and assign scholars. MMA Gaming has also partnered with Variant Research to improve their analytics.

Currently the team is mainly focused on Solana-based games like Star Atlas, but will be chain-agnostic in their approach to investments as the platform develops. 



The MMA Gaming team has stated one of their largest goals for 2022 is an increase in viable gaming titles. This leans heavily into their R&D and Treasury operations; they will fund new ventures and analyze the data to make decisions on scholar placements in these new games.

Upcoming IDO

The MMA Gaming Initial DEX Offering (IDO) will be held on February 22nd at 17:00 GMT/UTC and will end on February 24th at 17:00 GMT/UTC. The IDO will be held in USDC and is being held in a collaboration with There will be 20,000,000 tokens available with a floor price of $0.25 USDC according to their website. This price will be modified according to the amount sold, with the exact formula available here.

If you are interested in participating, the IDO will be held here.

Benefits of Using MMA Gaming

MMA Gaming proposes offering investors a chance to capitalize on a growing industry as a passive income source. One of the core components of play-to-earn is that to earn, investors typically have to invest both capital and time into platforms to bring in income. 

With MMA Gaming, all investors need to do is hold the MMA Gaming token – every quarter, a portion of the gross income earned by scholars is distributed proportionally among holders. This greatly incentivizes holding while also removing the time barrier typically required to invest in plat-to-earn projects.

Concluding Thoughts

Play-to-earn gaming is rapidly growing in popularity, but requires a significant time investment to reap rewards. With MMA Gaming, investors can completely circumvent this barrier to earn passive income. With analytics and data-driven investments into carefully selected GameFi platforms, MMA Gaming does the hard work for you – meaning no matter your personal interest in gaming, you can take advantage of a growing subset of the crypto community.

For more information about MMA Gaming, visit the following links:

Overall it is vital to proceed with caution when purchasing tokens that have just been listed. 

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